Cosmetic Veneers

Instantly Improved Smiles in Central Harlem, NY

Patients often have multiple cosmetic complaints when it comes to their teeth. Perhaps you suffer from severe staining and a chipped tooth. Maybe you have wide spaces between your teeth along with some discoloration. If so, a set of cosmetic veneers may be the perfect answer.

Veneers are a permanent solution that Dr. Nazar bonds to your teeth. They are made of thin material and give you a painless way of correcting problems like minor chips, discoloration, staining, yellowing, and unattractive gaps.

We use only high-quality materials for our veneers at Harlem Dental Care, and Dr. Nazar has extensive training and experience in cosmetic dentistry. Call us today at (212) 281-9200 and find out if veneers are the right answer for you.