Dental Bonding

A Versatile Service Available in Central Harlem, NY

Accidents happen in life, and sometimes a chipped tooth is the result. Fortunately, Dr. Nazar can help at Harlem Dental Care. He offers dental bonding, an effective procedure that uses a special tooth-colored material to fix chipped teeth. This restores your natural smile and keeps you looking great.

Bonding also has other uses, including repair of minor cracks, discolorations, and decay. Short teeth can also be elongated through dental bonding to make your smile appear more symmetric. The bonding process in our friendly, high-tech office is completely painless and comfortable.

Bonding only takes a single visit. Dr. Nazar will apply the bonding material and skillfully shape it. He will then harden the material using a gentle lamp, and you’ll be ready to go!

Find out more and make an appointment for bonding today. Simply call us at (212) 281-9200.