Routine Cleanings

Dental Cleanings in Central Harlem, NY – The Basis for Good Oral Health

Daily brushing and flossing at home are crucial to your dental health. But you also need to go further. A professional cleaning every six months at Harlem Dental Care will not only keep your teeth tidy but also helps immensely in preventing decay. Furthermore, your regular cleanings allow Dr. Nazar to use our high-tech diagnostics to check for potential problems.

Routine cleanings are important for patients of every age. These cleanings are an affordable way of preventing future, potentially expensive issues.

Gum Cleanings

Gum disease is rampant in the United States. Tens of millions of Americans suffer from some form of gum disease, which can result in tooth loss and major infections. Brushing and flossing, while important, are sometimes not sufficient to remove tartar and plaque below the gumline. This debris can lead to gum inflammation and other problems.

When appropriate, Dr. Nazar conducts deep gum cleanings. These cleanings go into the gingival pockets and can help stop or even reverse gum conditions. As always, we are sure to keep our patients comfortable and relaxed during this procedure.

Neglecting your oral health can have serious consequences. Schedule your regular cleaning with us today at (212) 281-9200.