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Learn About Our Central Harlem, NY Dental Office

Harlem Dental Care is all about comfort, affordability, and quality. Our up-to-date dental office reflects these commitments with a welcoming, clean, and safe environment featuring the latest in technology and amenities. For example, our office is fully computerized. We use digital intraoral scanners, a painless method of mapping our patients’ mouths that replaces uncomfortable and messy putty impressions.

Furthermore, we also utilize digital x-rays in place of traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays are more efficient, offer better accuracy, and subject our patients to much less radiation exposure. Our embrace of digital dentistry also means that we can offer our patients complete analyses of their smiles, allowing Dr. Nazar and his associates to help patients reach their dental goals.

We maintain a relaxing office environment, complete with amenities such as blankets, TVs featuring Netflix in every room, and free Wi-Fi. Harlem Dental Care is also completely kid-friendly, and we are certain to be especially considerate of our younger patients.

Visit our state-of-the-art office and see for yourself! Call (212) 281-9200 and make an appointment today.

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